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About us

Mutual Dairy Farming is an Israeli start-up, founded in order to promote dairy cow welfare. Our goal is to raise awareness of our daily interaction with cows. If we understand the way the cows experience and perceive the world, we can change and adjust our working methods and create a quiet and calmer working environment, for the mutual benefit of the cows and the working staff.


Mutual Dairy Farming has created suitable training sessions for the farmers which provide them with the professional skills for daily working methods that deal with handling, husbandry and nurturing. Our goal is to improve welfare in the dairy farm.

Dr. Sivan Lacker is a veterinarian, a graduate of the Hebrew University Veterinary School. She is involved in animal welfare and is the founder of Mutual Dairy Farming. She has many years of experience in training dairy farmers. Sivan established the training program with emphasis on transforming up to date theoretical research data into applicable methods for the dairy farms. She realized the need for such training sessions after having experienced the day to day routine of the dairy farm.

Cattle at Sunrise

What We Do

גידול טבעי

גידול משותף של פרות יחד עם העגלות שלהן ללא הפרדה לאחר ההמלטה.
הטמעת שיטת גידול ייחודית הכוללת הקניית כלים מעשיים, תהליכי עבודה ושינויים מבניים להתאמת מבנה הרפת הקיים לגידול טבעי.



Zoom בארץ ובעולם.

אוניברסיטאות ובתי ספר.

חברות מהענף.

סדרת הרצאות או הרצאה בודדת.


ייעוץ מבני - שינויים מבניים ליצירת מרחב עבודה המותאם לבעל החיים ולייעול שגרת העבודה של הצוות.

ייעוץ לפיתוח מוצר - הכוונת חברות הזנק לשילוב היבטים התנהגותיים ופיזיולוגיים של הפרה בפיתוח המוצר שלהן.


הכשרת צוות החולבים בשיטות עבודה להובלה שקטה ורגועה ולעבודה יום-יומית מותאמת לבעל החיים.

הכשרת מנהלים ניהול עדר ושיגרת עבודה המותאמים לרווחת הפרה.

הכשרת יונקיסטים שיטות גידול המבוססות על התנהגות ופיזיולוגיית העגלים מההמלטה ועד הגמילה. 

MDfarming-Strauss Dairy Collaboration

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In recent years, as part of the "Sustainable Dairy" project of Yotvata Dairy, the process of implementing the "Mutual Dairy Farming" method in all farms, including training, guidance and counseling, has taken place.

In addition, a similar process began in Strauss dairy farms in the north of the country. In the coming years, more dairy farms will join the project with the intention that all Strauss dairy farms will join the project.

In the dairy farms

There is an applicable gap between academic research of animal welfare and the practical every day work in the dairy farm. This gap must be bridged, MDfarming is the solution.

יטבתה צוות
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הדרכת _יונקייה מודעת_ ברפת גנוסר
משלחת מנהלי רפתות מסין הגיעו לשמוע ממני

Farmers Recommend

Kibbutz Ein Ha Horesh Farm

“After attending Dr. Lacker’s lecture at the Animal Welfare Seminar, it was clear to me that I would invite her for a training session for our farm team. Sivan’s presentations are different because they contain concrete and tangible aspects such as videos and sounds which provide us with information from the cow’s perspective. In my opinion, that’s excellent! The feedback which I received from my team on the lecture, was that it was fascinating and interesting. We are implementing the methods of cow handling we learned from Sivan and planning further changes in the cowsheds.”

Yuval Bacharach - Farm Manager.

Neve Ur Farm

"Whoever has not yet met Dr. Sivan Laker, will do this good for himself, his employees and his cows.

In our Neve Or barn, Sivan gave a lecture to our Thai employees, accompanied by a presentation and an interpreter.

In the lecture we learned what life looks / feels / sounds like in my eyes / senses / cow ears. The staff was captivated.

At the end of the lecture, Sivan accompanied the workers and taught them how to lead a cow exactly where they wanted to go, without sticks, without shouting, without waving hands, without whistles, without knocks, without pressure and quickly.

These days when we and our occupation, are attacked from all sides, Sivan is an island of sanity.

If I were "industry institutions" I would "adopt" Sivan and oblige every barn and barn, to go through this training.

Revital - Neve Or barn manager

Kibbutz Genosar Farm

"Our entire team participated in the training session which was given at our dairy farm. The training was divided into two parts: first, theoretical and second, practical, which took place during the afternoon milking. In my opinion, as farm manager and as someone who was always interested in the behaviour of the animals, whom we love so much(cows), this training is a must, for every farmer, who is either experienced or a beginner. The lecture was presented in an outstanding manner, including an active dialogue between the guides and the dairy team. Immediately after the session, the team assembled and we decided: no more use of sticks to prod the cows, no more yelling or whistling, no more using hands and in short, we decided to become mutual dairy farmers. I highly recommend the training and I would like to thank Dr. Lacker for the useful and effective day we experienced together."

Yotam Kaplan - Farm Manager.

Kibbutz Gvat Farm

"Sivan greatly impressed me with her seriousness and commitment. Immediately after the training session, all the sticks, used to prod the cows, were thrown away and were never used again. During the tour of the farm, Dr. Lacker pointed out the weaknesses and advised how to solve them. On our farm, we have a separate cooling shed and the cows have to be led from that area to the holding area (before the milking parlour). The passage is on a slippery slope, with significant contrast of shade and light. After implementing Sivan’s recommendations, it was easy to handle the cows in those specific problematic areas."

Arnon Shoham - Farm manager


רפתנים ממליצים


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On Air

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  Excerpts from my radio broadcasts about animal welfare

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